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Phi Flute


A new concept in transverse (side blown) and end (rim) blown Musical Instruments

The first flute ever to play the 'Sounds of the Universe'!

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Phi Flute by Vance Pennington

Based upon The Fibonacci Spiral.

A Fibonacci Spiral is created by drawing circular arcs connecting the opposite corner of squares. A grid is created by multiplying the first square, and then consecutive squares by Phi (1.61803399).

Phi Demo

By mathematically increasing this shape, you will have a formation as shown below......

Fibonacci Spiral

......and by drawing a curve diagonally across each square you finish up with what is known as a


The Fibonacci sequence of numbers is: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, etc.

Using this same principal the Phi Flute is created from a fixed measurement within the flute so that the length, bore size, tuning holes, fingering holes, thumb holes, embouchure, wall thickness are all relevant to Phi in both size and placement.

If one is to look at the flute in relation to the Fibonacci Spiral you will see that the placement of all holes, including the embouchure etc., are all at points where the spiral touches a straight line.

The notes played by the flute are not specific to modern day tuning(s) but are pure, natural sounds of Mother Nature and the unheard voice of the Universe.

For more information please contact Vance

Surprisingly, this spiral is found everywhere in Mother Nature. The Nautilus shell is based on the Fibonacci Spiral (Phi = 1.61803399) and other examples are shown below.

I got my flutes yesterday. Thank you again so much they are amazing. Your right about the ease and ability of getting tone on the Phi flute its gonna be fun getting to know it. I was wondering about the thumb hole note.. if it was just for one note or if it was used on multiples.
OK... back to practice!

Joe Young


Sound clip of the Phi Flute, Gamma end blown, being played by Joe L.Young

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HI Vance,

Played the Phi last Wed. at my "house gig" and got many complements on the sound as well as the looks ... Really a very nice flute, I also like the philosophy that goes with this instrument.

Both Phi flutes are very nice ... Both are a joy to play ... It is interesting to me they each do different things ... I like this very much ...

Kindest regards ,


Phi Example 1


Phi Example2

Nautilus Shell

Phi Example 3

Pine Cone

Phi Example 4

One of many spirals in the Universe

Sound clip of the Phi Flute, Beta side blown, being played by Deborah Trevvett.

Hi Vance. 

I received delivery of my flute on Friday and it is wonderful! It has excellent craftsmanship and a great sound. I really like the feel of playing the side blown. I’m very pleased with both of my Phi flutes that you made for me. They really project and have a very unique sound. You are a world class flute maker Vance!!!    


Hi Vance,

I got my awesome Phi Flute today and it is high quality flute my friend, wow, got blown away really, amazing,piece of handcrafted art!

I would like to ask you regarding the fingering, any particular way of playing it? I have seen that the thumb hole is in between at the back of the flute which is plugged with the thumb on my right hand.

Somehow the Phi Flute is a very pleasant mix between Anasazi and MoHaVe flute or I am probably out of my mind cause of my playing time with these flutes I can recognize some of the notes, and I feel as well that this flute has much more variety in notes then any rimblown I have in my possession!

Anyway Vance, excellent flute,am very pleased and happy to have it,, Thank You!

Phi Flute by Vance Pennington


Paul Kara Ross

Example of 2 - Tone Phi
(Walnut and Amboyna Burl)
Standard Phi
Example of 2 - Tone Phi
(Walnut and Amboyna Burl)
Phi Flute